Consulting & Support Services

Needs Analysis

When your complex needs require the assurance that only an in-depth review can provide, a Needs Analysis can afford you an opportunity to identify, isolate and address the issues you face. We use several techniques to re-invent your business, however, they are all designed to:

  • Lower operating costs
  • Stimulate employee productivity by providing tools that eliminate redundancy and increase accuracy
  • Reduce inventory costs, resulting in improved cash flow
  • Enhance reporting, affording the ability to analyze your strengths and weaknesses
  • Increase morale by motivating employees to contribute to the workflow re-design process
  • Eliminate hidden costs (like excessive software expenses, wasted time in dealing with issues not related to your core business, high stress and awkward workarounds)
  • Make better business decisions - use historical data to plan more strategically and more realistically for the future

Software Implementation and Support

Because client needs differ, so does our software implementation and support strategy. Factors that influence how we proceed, the pace at which we proceed, the venue where the work is performed, the staff selected to perform the implementation and the training options offerred include:

  • The business type
  • The industry served
  • Staff availability and experience level
  • Underlying Technology of your solution
  • Integration of disparate applications and business models
  • Management goals

Regardless of the influences noted above, the fundamental steps of an implementation strategy are the same. They include:

  • Planning 
    • Identify needs, recommend solutions, establish time table and delegate responsibilities
  • Installation
    • Physically install product and establish a condusive operating environment
  • Configuration
    • Configure product for client needs and transfer relevant data from previous software
  • Customization
    • Modify software to enhance productivity, increase efficiency, improve reporting and analysis
  • Training
    • Train staff on product using their own data. This reduces the learning curve, because it engages the student and allows them to correlate the lesson to real life events.
    • Provide advanced training several weeks after implementation, enabling the client to refine their skills and explore advanced features not covered during initial training.
  • On-going Support and Evaluation
    • Provide support as required
    • Measure success by comparing actual results to anticipated benefits
    • Adjust as necessary

MAS 90, MAS 200 and ACT! Custom Programming

Our software products consist of mature, reliable, market-leading, off-the-shelf applications. They satisfy the needs of a majority of our customers. In order to offer a complete solution, we are happy to supplement our products with:

  • Customizations using standard productivity suites
  • Third party add-ons
  • Custom programming services designed to deliver the exact features you require

MAS 90, MAS 200 and ACT! Custom Reporting

Let's face it, presentation impacts the way we interpret results. Whether you need to supplement existing reports with additional data, modify sorting and grouping, add sub-totals, create formulas, or simply re-arrange the report layout, our capable staff is delighted to address your needs. Our expertise comes from having created dozens of insightful, custom reports using the following tools:


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