Property Management Software for MAS 90 and MAS 200


Provides property managers with an integrated solution that adds competitive property management capabilities to the world-class MAS 90® and MAS 200® family of products.

PM2000 is uniquely equipped to handle a diverse range of property management needs. Its integration with MAS 90 allows you to bill tenants according to lease options through Accounts Receivable, process CAM/Reimbursement charges through Accounts Payable, and segment the General Ledger by property and unit for more specific financial reporting.

Features such as the Property Inventory Inquiry and Asset Tracker allow residential managers to provide prospective tenants with detailed unit availability and  amenity information. Commercial managers who process CAM/Reimbursement charges will appreciate the allocation system with its easy-to-use codes and automatic allocation of invoices on pro rata percentages.

PM2000 boasts many universal features, including diverse lease management and extended tenant tracking capabilities. These options make it a good fit for all types of managers including: residential, commercial and retail managers, storage facilities, marinas, manufactured and student housing, mobile home parks, and home-owners associations.




Time and Billing Professional module for MAS 90 and MAS 200 enables your business to track and bill employee activity in multiple engagements. It is seamlessly integrated with MAS 90’s Accounts Receivable and can be integrated with General Ledger and Accounts Payable.

  • Expanded Engagement Codes gives you the ability to use up to 20 characters, allowing for more descriptive codes.
  • More comprehensive Invoice History Inquiry by Invoice Number from Time and Billing Professional and Accounts Receivable.
  • Enables you to create Credit Memos, apply Credits to Invoices and automatically post Credits back to Work In Process.
  • Terminology for Clients, Engagements, Employees and Work Codes can be configured to match your company’s individual requirements. For example, “Engagements” can be called “Matters” in a law firm or “Projects” in a consulting firm.
  • Customizable Invoices provide your client with Fee and Expense information in a detailed or summary format, which can be sorted by Date, Work Code or Category.
  • Unlimited billing addresses can be maintained by Client and Engagement under each client, eliminating repetitive data entry and speeding up your billing process.
  • Track and report time and expenses for each Client, Engagement, Employee and Work Code.
  • Use Engagements to track separate work activities for a single client and assign different fee arrangements, billing rates, billing formats and budgets.




Point of Sale Professional is designed to handle the needs of any retail business, and it is integrated with the Accounts Receivable, Inventory Management, General Ledger, Bank Reconciliation, Sales Order and Credit Card Processing modules. Point of Sale Professional allows the user to create their own custom transaction types from six pre-defined transaction types: sales, returns, layaway payments, customer payments, orders and quotes. Point of Sale Professional is designed to support multiple store locations and will give you control over your retail business.

  • Integrates with PC Charge, which automates credit card processing.
  • Compatible with Custom Office.
  • All receipts, labels and reports are Crystal Report-based, giving you the ability to personalize and enhance printed receipts and reports.
  • Different Crystal Reports are available for each transaction type.
  • Access to customer credit limits.
  • Use Inventory Management Alias Items and Extended Inventory Item Description in Point of Sales Entry.
  • Option to set up auto pop-up of customer contact information.
  • Membership support gives you the ability to track membership attendance and utilize scannable ID cards.
  • Enhanced tracking features such as voids, sales and drawer shortages sorted by cashier.
  • Commission tracking, transaction history and register inquiries.
  • Ability to assign a variety of defaults by Terminal ID and cashier.
  • Supports the latest industry-standard hardware: cash drawers, receipt printers, magnetic stripe readers, bar code scanners, pole displays and touch-screens.